4 Responses to “Lost”

  1. Lonely little goose – poor thing. I saw your comment on Shutter Sisters. One thing you might want to do is add “photography” to your tags and category. This photo, for example, doesn’t have any tags or category specified. When I first started my photoblog that was hosted on WP, I started tag surfing on photography and found other photo blogs that I liked and commented on and they reciprocated. People can find you more easily if you do that. This was the theme I used, too. 🙂

  2. Jody – Separate your tags with commas!! 😉

  3. Hi, fellow Baby-Catcher and photographer!
    I came across you via SS (such a great site!) and LOVE your photography!!! Keep it up – you have such talent! I also loved reading about your work on Labour and Delivery, which is where I work too (although on the other side of the world, in Sydney Australia!). I feel sure that we have a lot in common and would like to contact you personally for a little ‘chat’. Please email me your address (if you don’t mind!) and we can share experiences, etc. I have just finished a 365-day project, which you can look at on my website, but feel a bit jaded by it all at the moment and am looking for inspiration to start another blog project to keep me motivated. Anyway, PLEASE contact me!
    Ingrid (just woke up after a night shift… you know the feeling!!!)

  4. hehe Thanks Toni!! I will fix that. I did take your advise and worked thru my posts and tagged them. =)

    Ingrid I will be in touch girl ♥
    I’m sitting here on my break. It’s 2:30 am and I hear the rain hitting the skylights on my floor. It’s busy as all get out and my piggies are aching lol. Now once I figure out How to contact you I certainly will do so!

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